How I Serve

The Class of 2021

It is my goal to assist Ms. Morton, the Senior Counselor, Ms. Smith, the Graduation Coach, Ms. Hollis, the School Social Worker and Ms. Wilson, the Class Sponsor to provide the best high school experience for the Class of 2021. Together we will do our best to make sure that our students not only graduate in four years, but that they also remain safe, healthy and motivated to pursue post-secondary opportunities that suit their skills and interests.

English Department 

As a former high school English teacher who believes that literature mirrors life, I'm honored to support a group of energetic, charismatic, passionate men and women whose love for the spoken and written word inspire our students to express themselves with pride and confidence.

Master Scheduling

Designing and building a master schedule for the AstroNation is no easy task. It takes several staff members who work from October through July to create and manage relevant and meaningful learning opportunities for our students. After collaborating with counselors, students and their families may contact me whenever the need arises.